Perpendicular 2016

Installation newly developed for „Cube 2016“, Fundacja Transporter Kultury

„Perpendicular“ is a plumb line construction formed out of 50 neon pink coloured threads going from the ceiling near to he ground. The plumb-line ends about 3cm before touching the ground in an angle of about 45 degrees.

So the plumb line installation is not going at right angle as we know it usually.

Each thread is placed parallel to the next.  Together they build an inclined cube subdividing the room. The walls behind the installation are colured in fluorescent blue and yellow. A discreet play of contrasting colours depending on the viewing angle expects the spectator. The  plumbline construction is not chosen by chance.  Anne Berlit knows that the polish are all very well craftsmen. To bring the vertical alignment off the normal perception, for her this was to step the plate.